Dog v Cats

This an image classifier that tries to predict whether the selected image is a Dog or a Cat.

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This model was trained with Keras library in python with Tensorflow as backend.

I used the "Dogs vs Cats Redux: Kernels Edition" dataset un Kaggle.

I trained it using convolutional neural network with a data augmentation technique based on my readings in François Chollet's book Deep Learning with Python.

You can see all the data preparation, training, evaluation, test, accuracy in the Kaggle notebook:

I saved the model in HDF5 format then I exported to tensorflow.js, loaded it in a gatsby.js static website.

This will only try to predict whether the image is a dog or cat no matter what image you upload.

This is all done in the web browser using tensorflow.js

This was a site I created for a tech talk I gave in Feb 27 2020. Here are the slides.